Invisible Clear Paints

Wildfire Invisible Clear-Color Polyurethane Top Coats: Now, It’s Easier Than Ever To Create Amazing Dual-Image UV Effects…

Clear (see-through) under white light. Brilliant, vibrant color under black light.
That, in essence, is the effect produced by Wildfire Invisible Clear-Color Polyurethane Top Coats.
Simply apply over top of any visible image to create an invisible image, which appears only under black light. It doesn’t alter the visible image in any way (other than leaving a light sheen). It’s the easiest way ever to create a spectacular dual image!
In the past, color choices for clear coats were very limited. But now, we’ve introduced the widest color palate on the market, giving you many more colors to choose from in creating your dual image UV effects. They can even be intermixed—using an “additive” rather than “subtractive” mixing process—to create additional subtle color tones.
Color choices include…
  • Invisible Green Clear Color
  • Invisible Red Clear Color
  • Invisible Yellow Clear Color
  • Invisible Blue Clear Color
  • Invisible White Clear Color
  • Invisible Black Clear Color (Does not glow under black light. It will appear absolutely black, hiding any visible image underneath.)
  • Sheen Leveler (Each Clear-Color Top Coat leaves a slight sheen, which is visible under certain lighting conditions. The Sheen Leveler is essentially a “Clear Top Coat,” which you can apply over the entire artwork once you are finished, in order to even out the sheen.)
Like our acrylic Luminescent Paint Line, the Invisible Clear-Color Polyurethane Top Coats are super-saturated with pigment, making them extremely responsive to black light. They are water-base and completely non-toxic.
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