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Creating the most exciting branded black light environments, for both big or small!

From concerts to casinos, museums to mega churches, studios to stadiums and so much more, Wildfire Lighting can transform any venue or event into an irresistible and unforgettable attraction. No two specialty lighting needs are exactly alike. But when the world's most intense luminescent paints and dyes meet our powerful, versatile UV and black lights, anything is possible. Your audience is waiting. Let Wildfire spark their excitement — and watch it spread.

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Special Effects Lighting For More Special Everything

Ultimate Intuitive Control VioStorm incorporates Wildfire’s brand new intuitive Trias 3-button digital control and monitoring system. The Wildfire VioStorm UV LED lighting series combines true 365nm UV output and long throw performance with the control and efficiency of LEDs, delivering just the right wavelength for truly eye-popping UV effects.

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Whether you need powerful UV lighting or glow in the dark paint, Wildfire Lighting has you covered. Let us help make your next show or event stand out from the rest.

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Let your brand identity shine with black light paint and fixtures from Wildfire Lighting! Our experts can help you create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

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Let us help you create black light effects for attractions and in-park entertainment. With our specialized effects, any attraction seems to come to life.

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Let us add another layer of beauty and intrigue to your newest theatre production. Blow your audience away with unexpected transformations when you kick on the UV stage lighting.

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  The MultiVerse System Offers Expanded Control Capability The VioStorm Series which is Wildfire’s flagship black light product line is now available with City Theatrical’s industry leading Multiverse

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