Activity Venues

The Ultimate In Black Light Effects

Escape Room, Arcade, Bowling Center, Paintball, Skating Rink and Haunted House Lighting

An activity venue or entertainment center is meant to delight, excite and thrill. Give your customers the ultimate experience with specialized black light fixtures and custom UV printing, paints or dyes from Wildfire Lighting. Our black light effects are ideal for:

  • Escape Rooms

  • Haunted Houses

  • Arcades

  • Bowling Centers

  • Paintball Arenas

  • And More!

Ready to take your entertainment centers to a whole new level? Need something custom made? Contact us to make it happen.

Mind-Boggling Escape Room Effects

Let your imagination have free reign to create the ultimate immersive escape room design. Wildfire Lighting’s scenic services can make it so that an unassuming wall suddenly reveals a secret clue (with UV invisible imaging) or that painted window scene swiftly comes alive with added depth and vibrancy (with UV visible imaging).

Bone-Chilling Haunted House Light Effects

Haunted houses should strike fear into the heart of every guest. With Wildfire, you’re getting the entertainment industry’s best ultra-bright glow in the dark paint for an ultra-invigorating experience. Don’t forget about your scarers — intensify their abilities to lurk, frighten and disturb in our professional face and body paint.

Mesmerizing Arcade Lighting

The pings, dings and rings of video arcades thrill and energize any child (or child at heart). And your arcade studio should be just as electrifying as the games inside. Our high output black lights are durable, controllable and set our luminescent paint ablaze. And our new, custom blacklight glow-in-the-dark artwork allows for unlimited possibilities. With dual images, triple images and even day-to-night transitions, we can do it all.

Game-Changing Bowling Center Lighting

Make visiting your venue a share-worthy, total sensory experience with cosmic bowling center lighting effects. Our brand-new ClearMeleon™ UV invisible printing, for example, allows for completely invisible, photorealistic images — revealed only when the lights go out.

Killer Paintball Lighting Effects

Immerse your players in any galactic or fantastical location you’ve imagined. With our paintball lighting effects, you can do just that. Our black light paint offers the highest UV pigment concentration you’ll find anywhere, making it the brightest paint on the market when paired with our top-of-the-line black light fixtures.