Visually stimulating black light images from the UV scenic experts!

Wildfire can create custom black light scenic murals or treatments to walls ceilings and just about any other substrate for stunning visual effects. Some scenic possibilities include…

Invisible Images

Fluorescent images that appear only under the black light. A textured wall suddenly reveals its true secrets under the black light!

Dual Images

Images that appear one way under normal light, but differently under black light. A pastel art becomes a bustling cityscape!

Day/Night Images

A type of dual image which features a day scene under normal light and a night scene under black light. A sailing vessel becomes a sinister pirate “ghost” ship!

3D Images

Images appear 3-D when wearing 3-D glasses. Lighter colors appear in the foreground, and darker colors in the background. A cosmic scene with incredible depth!

Visible Images

Brightly colored fluorescent images which also fluoresce (glow) under the black light. The Black light reveals the added depth and vibrance to a visible image.

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