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Theatrical Black Light Effects That Elevate The Scene

Wildfire Professional Black Lights For Stage Effects

The beauty of theatre is that, when done well, it totally immerses the audience in a new world. With the most vivid UV paint and powerful black lights on the market, Wildfire Lighting can help elevate your newest production to that sought-after plane of experience.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Even if you’ve never worked with UV stage lights or paints before, our resources can help you achieve the most vibrant effects possible. And with remarkably competitive prices and rental services for high output black lights, your theatre production can look amazing from opening night to the very last act. Contact us to learn more.

Black Light Effects Help Your Performers Shine

Black light paint for sets and fluorescent body paints can transport your actors into the world you’ve created together, bringing your audience with them. The surprise reveal of brilliant, glowing colors from a simple shift in lighting will make your cast’s performances all the more mesmerizing — and leave an unforgettable impression.

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