Black Rock Bijou To Light Up Burning Man With Wildfire

Published On: August 1, 2013By

Out in the middle of nowhere (in Burning Man‘s “Deep Playa”—well away from the main encampment dubbed “Black Rock City”) will sit a dilapidated single-screen movie theater. Stark in the desert, like an out-of-place relic from the past.

A place where the magic of the old silver screen, and the small town theaters it was experienced in, hasn’t been forgotten. It’s the most incongruous of all the Burning Man art installations, and since 2010, the Black Rock Bijou, as it’s called, has been delighting visitors with its magic and charm.

But this year, the builders are daring to do something different. With black light. (You knew it was coming.)

Since the beginning, one of the features of the Bijou has been its black light carpet. But this year, they want to add a large scale black light logo covering one side of the building, and lit up by a Wildfire 400W Long Throw. The effect will illuminate the desert night and be seen at least a mile away.

For that (and other enhancements), they are seeking help with funding through their Kickstarter page. Check out the video below, which explains the project, and takes you on an inside look at the Black Rock Bijou.

After seeing a demo with a Wildfire 400W Long Throw, Sam Gipson of the Black Rock Bijou reported, “Our artwork looked exactly how we imagined it would, except brighter. When we saw our design lit up with no purple glare [like conventional black lights], it blew us away.”

To find out more about the Black Rock Bijou, and to check out some cool photos and videos, visit their Kickstarter Page, or their website.

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