Fighting Gravity: Who Says White Dudes Can’t Jump?

Published On: December 8, 2011By

Turns out, glowing white men CAN jump… even to the point of defying gravity. With the magical touch of “Fighting Gravity”, these three glowing hooded dudes can fly!

Check it out…

So what’s the secret to their magic?

You guessed it… black light.

It takes a team of 13 performers, each with their own unique task, to pull off this stunning illusion. Unseen figures dressed in black manipulate the glowing figures, along with various glowing accessories such as balls, skateboards, and other objects.

Wildfire provides the lighting and paint… Fighting Gravity provides the talent and original ideas.

Travis Dalrymple of Fighting Gravity says, “We were using just normal highlighter fluids mixed together when we first started. Then we found some other UV paints at local hardware stores, but we never really got the effect that we were looking for until we started using Wildfire products. It makes all of our props look 100 times better and its significantly more durable than any other product that we’ve tried in the past.”

Fighting Gravity had its inception in 2009 when thirteen fraternity brothers at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA were brainstorming ideas for a talent show. After watching a few Youtube videos featuring black light effects, they came up with their cool, unique concept.

This spark of an original idea led them all the way to 3rd place on America’s Got Talent. You can see the videos on their website at

Since then, they’ve performed with J-Lo,, and Far East Movement in addition to doing several corporate commercial gigs.

These former engineering and business majors are now full time performers developing an original, unique show in the vein of Blue Man Group or Cirque du Soleil.

We can’t wait to see it!

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