Introducing BlueBar: A Premium 400nm UV-LED Black Light At A Competitive Price

Published On: April 9, 2014By

The BlueBar’s superior construction and competitive price make it the ideal choice for a 400nm UV-LED fixture.

The market is full of 400nm UV LED black light fixtures.

So why another one?

The reason is simple: We knew we could greatly improve on quality and performance while still competing on price.

That’s where BlueBar comes in. BlueBar is far from being “just another” UV LED fixture series. Take a look…

  • Premium quality UV LEDs, with more UV output, result in a brighter effect than other UV-LED products. (See below regarding output.)
  • Polished Everbrite aluminum reflector with angled sides offers more reflective surface area, greater coverage, and maximum output.
  • Tough UVT (UV-Transmitting) acrylic lens cover helps protect the LEDs from flying objects or other potential hazards.
  • Thermally bonded heat sinks mounted just behind the LEDs help dissipate heat and extend the life of the LEDs.
  • Rolled steel housing means greater durability. The housing also features vented sides to dissipate heat buildup and extend the life of the fixture.
  • Truss-mountable design with included safety cable attachment is perfect for professional applications. Can be mounted at any angle with the fully adjustable L-brackets.
  • Built-in fuse protection gives you peace of mind. Plus, the fuse is user-changeable: it is easily accessible on the side of the housing, without even opening the fixture.
  • BlueBar was designed for easy serviceability. Inside access is as easy as removing the lens cover and pulling out the reflector.
  • Universal voltage power supply means you can plug it in anywhere.
  • Comes in 2 sizes: 20″ and 40″, giving you greater flexibility.

And the best part? All these premium features are available at a price comparable to other linear 400nm UV-LED products on the market. (Go ahead and compare. You’ll notice the difference in quality and performance.)

At Wildfire, we believe in creating top quality products with the highest output possible at an affordable price. And the BlueBar series fits that description perfectly.

Here’s What You Should Know About UV Black Light LEDs

Unlike other manufacturers, we’re going to be completely honest and straight up with you…

Nearly all UV-LED products currently on the market, including BlueBar, have a peak wavelength of 385-400nm, which isn’t ideal for creating the best and brightest UV effects. There are three reasons for this…

  1. At 385-400nm, a lot of visible violet light is produced, which means the effect isn’t as powerful as it would be in complete darkness.
  2. At 385-400nm, most invisible fluorescent materials (such as our Invisible Luminescent Paints and Clear Top Coats) do not respond well—if at all.
  3. At 385-400nm, even visible fluorescent colors will shift slightly due to the violet and blue visible light produced.

For the perfect “Wildfire Effect”, you’ll need true 365nm black light, and lots of it. This is what our Long Throw Series and Effects Master Series fixtures are designed to produce.

Even the few 365nm LED products that are currently on the market produce a fraction of the UV that inexpensive fluorescent fixtures do, and at many times the cost. They are expensive to say the least.

The good news is, while BlueBar fixtures also have a peak wavelength of 400nm, they do produce a brighter effect than other competing UV LED fixtures at this level.

If you want the most powerful UV output, we’ll be honest: LED isn’t the solution. But if you really want the “cool factor” of having a high quality UV LED fixture, then BlueBar is the ideal choice.

BlueBar fixtures will be ready to ship come the middle of April, so if you’ve been dying for a high quality UV LED fixture at a price you can afford, you won’t have to wait long. Pre-order today to be among the first to receive this great new product!

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