Introducing Our First Featured UV Blacklight Artist

Published On: June 6, 2011By
UV Blacklight Artist

UV Artist Brad Lawrence

“The Blacklight Blaze” is happy to announce its first featured UV artist: Brad Lawrence from Clarkston, MI.

Brad is an award-winning portrait artist who became a UV convert about a year ago. Since then, he’s been exploring fluorescent paint, water dye, and other fluorescent materials in his art.

Brad writes, “The medium began taking precedence over my previous devotion to traditional portraiture, and I sought to find out how far I could push it’s capabilities to create visually stunning artwork with the ability to alter the viewers mindset and create for them a memorable UV experience.”

His work is certainly memorable, and pretty darn cool, too! You can explore some pretty amazing photos at his website over at

Brad has worked on several black light gallery exhibitions, and set up UV effects and stage designs for various concert venues throughout Michigan.

UV Portal Stage Design

Fluorescent Portal Stage Design

Part of his work is “performance collaboration art”. As Brad explains, “The creation of my art is a shared experience. Each piece is then a collaboration. The venue’s vitality determines the design, the emotions of the moment decide the hues used, and the surrounding sounds dictate my application of paint.”

The following video illustrates one of these collaborative experiences, incorporating children. Brad explains, “I used Wildfire’s Luminescent Paint to paint on the surface of water, and had that constantly evolving image Live projected on the opposing wall, immersing the audience into a world of fluorescent color.”

Be sure to check out Brad’s ultra-cool website. And send us an email at for a chance to  have your artwork featured on this blog.


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