Introducing SableLED™ – Finally, A Viable Inexpensive UV-LED Upgrade Path For UV Fluorescents.

Published On: June 29, 2016By

SableLED™ is the world’s first viable upgrade path for existing fluorescents.

We knew it would happen eventually. And now it’s here.

SableLED™ is the first viable UV-LED that can replace all existing UV fluorescents.

So what is “SableLED™”?

SableLED™ is a self-contained UV-LED lamp shaped like a fluorescent lamp and designed to retrofit any existing fluorescent fixture (once the ballast has been bypassed).

Here’s why we believe it’s the world’s first viable upgrade path for UV fluorescents…

  • Inexpensive (compared to other UV-LED products). LEDs have been an expensive alternative since they first came out, but that’s now changing. SableLED™ offers a much more economical solution for upgrading fluorescents.
  • Superior output. SableLED™ offers true 365nm invisible black light. Even the best fluorescents have a little bit of purple light mixed in, but with SableLED™ you get pure undiluted black light with no purple wash. You also get 100% flicker-free and RF-interference free operation for pure, stable output.
  • More energy efficiency. Fluorescents are already more energy efficient than other technology, but LEDs are even more so. Furthermore, SableLED™ has no mercury, nor other harmful chemicals, making it much more Earth-friendly.
  • More durability. Fluorescent lamps are very fragile and break easily. But SableLED™ lamps are made of an extruded aluminum heatsink housing with a strong UV-transmitting Plexiglas lens, giving them high shock resistance. They are actually hard to break!
  • Much longer life. Here is a big one. SableLED™ lasts up to five times longer than UV fluorescents. That not only saves on lamp costs, but also maintenance costs over the life of the lamp.

With all these benefits, it’s hard to see why SableLED™ wouldn’t be the logical upgrade from existing fluorescents!

SableLED™ is now available from Wildfire and Wildfire dealers. The 2 ft. 15W lamp retails for $120, while the 4 ft. 30W lamp retails for $160.

Where else can you get a high-quality professional-grade 365nm UV-LED fixture for that kind of money?

Upgrade to SableLED™ today and experience the difference!

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