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Introducing The New 150W Black Light Long Throw: The Next Evolutionary Step In Black Light Technology

May 19, 2011 8:52 pm Published by
LT-150 black light long throw fixture

Wildfire’s powerful (and lightweight) new 150W Long Throw black light fixture.

Finally, a low-cost Long Throw for smaller professional applications.

Wildfire’s LT-150 model black light fixture is an evolutionary leap in black light technology, and is the “missing link” between high-end fluorescents and professional-grade Long Throws.

True professionals will appreciate its power and versatility. Here’s what makes it so powerful…

  • A newly redesigned reflector with three key improvements…
  1. A spun manufacturing process, resulting in very precise curvature and greater quality control.
  2. A bright Alzak finish, which results in greater reflectivity.
  3. A peened surface for more even distribution across the coverage area.
  • Unlike earlier Long Throw models, the LT 150 features an interchangeable reflector design, which allows you to get Spot, Wide Spot, and Flood configurations all in the same fixture!
  • A smaller, more energy efficient design, resulting in greater output per Watt. (In fact, in some cases its output is greater than earlier 250W LT models!)
  • A light-weight electronic ballast with universal voltage (120-277W).
reflector for LT-150 black light long throw

The new LT-150 features interchangeable reflectors for Spot, Wide Spot, and Flood configurations in the same fixture.

While it doesn’t have the DMX control features of the higher-end Long Throws, the LT-150 is certainly the most efficient… the most versatile… and the most powerful 150W fixture available.

And the best part?

It’s priced less than the 250W Long Throw model, making the Long Throw series more affordable than ever.

Darwin would be proud.

(For technical specs and ordering information, visit the product page on our website).



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