Introducing Trias™: An Advanced Next-Generation Control System For Ultimate Intuitive Control…

Published On: July 30, 2015By

The next generation of Wildfire lighting control has arrived.

Wildfire has always incorporated sophisticated control systems into our lighting fixtures. But now, we’ve raised the bar even higher.

We call it Trias™.

It’s an intuitive 3-button digital control and monitoring system for all Wildfire professional lighting fixtures. It includes DMX, RDM, and a whole lot more, for ultimate intuitive control.

Here’s a brief overview…

  • Unique 3-button interface provides intuitive access to all available options and configurations.
  • Capacitive touch switching, for greater responsiveness and longer life, eliminating the possibility of mechanical or membrane switch failure.
  • High contrast OLED display for greater visibility in both darkness and bright sunlight, and readable even from extreme angles.
  • Universal control processor works in all Wildfire fixtures (fluorescent, metal halide, and LED), so you only have to learn one control system to manage all fixtures.
  • DMX and local control of all available functions and effects.

Trias™ also features state-of-the-art RDM bidirectional communication, which enables monitoring and reporting of the following key indicators…

  • Display device ID.
  • Display and set DMX address.
  • Display lamp hours.
  • Display temperature, and warns if temperature exceeds maximum.
  • Display all fan speeds, and warns if any fan RPM reaches zero.

Finally, it’s always upgradeable to the latest version of Wildfire Trias™ software via the mini-B USB port and downloadable software updates.

Trias™ is so powerful and easy to use (did we mention the word “intuitive”?), that we are incorporating it into all of Wildfire’s pro-grade fixtures across the line.

We know you’re going to love it!

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