This Enormous Immersive Art Exhibit Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen

Published On: April 14, 2016By
Photo by Lindsey Kennedy/Meow Wolf.

Photo by Lindsey Kennedy/Meow Wolf.


A new art complex called “Meow Wolf” in Santa Fe is debuting a HUGE immersive art exhibit called “The House of Eternal Return” that will leave your jaw on the floor, even if you think you’ve seen it all.

“Imagine walking inside of an entire science fiction novel,” says Vince Kadlubek in a recent TED talk about the project. “That’s what we’ve created here. It’s an unprecedented, immersive storytelling experience, built by the hands of over 100 artists.”

House of Eternal Return is a unique art experience featuring a wild new form of non-linear storytelling which unfolds through exploration, discovery and 21st century interactivity.

The premise: Something has happened inside a mysterious Victorian house that has dissolved the nature of time and space. Venture through the house of The Selig Family, and discover secret passageways into fantastic dimensions! Each visitor will be invited to choose their own path through the exhibition, walking, climbing, and crawling through an imaginative multiverse of unexpected environments.

Imagine part jungle gym, part haunted house, part children’s museum, part immersive art exhibit, and well… words just don’t do it justice. Check out this video walk through, which only shows a fraction of the exhibit…

Did you notice the “Wildfire Effect” in action in a few of the clips? We were impressed with the project and decided to become a sponsor by donating paint for the exhibit. We love what Meow Wolf has created.

Vince’s TED talk is definitely worth watching, for a look at how the project involved through a collaborative community effort…

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