This Performance Troupe Does Some Cool Stuff With Black Light Effects…

Published On: September 28, 2016By

Artrageous combines live music, singing, dancing, and live painting under black light to create a unique experience.


What happens when you combine black light effects with live music, singing, dancing, live painting, and audience interaction?


Artrageous is a 12-person troupe of musicians, singers, artists, and dancers that travels the world performing unique live shows incorporating all their talents, along with a healthy dose of cool black light effects.

It’s live painting with music, dance, and theater… and (what makes Artrageous stand out) audience interaction.

Two members of the troupe specialize in black light painting. During the show they live-paint giant portraits of famous actors and musicians, and even a black-light version of Van Gogh’s Starry Night!

To enhance the experience, the troupe incorporates props and costumes that also glow under black light.

“Wildfire is absolutely by far the best quality,” commented John DeWolf of Artrageous. “Both the fixtures and the paint. We notice it in terms of impact and coverage. It changes how we paint, and how quickly we can finish a painting.”

Watch the video below of Artrageous in action. Check out the website. And be sure to check their tour schedule to see when they’ll be performing near you.

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