Blacklight Fluorescent Halloween Costumes – 2017 Edition

Published On: November 3, 2017By

Fluorescent paint and makeup is a great way to spice up otherwise ordinary Halloween costumes.

The Fujimoto family has made a tradition of taking their costumes beyond the ordinary.

Last year, we wrote about the Fujimotos, the family of our VP of Operations, Derek Fujimoto. Each year, the entire family, including Derek’s brother and his family, dresses up for Halloween, complete with blacklight makeup, paint, and other fluorescent materials.

Last year, the themes (which are usually based on Disney characters) included Show White (combined with a Haunted Mansion influence) and Peter Pan. This year was more of an amalgam of different characters. Take a look…

How many can you identify?

The family tradition includes a trip to Disneyland, where blacklights in many of the attractions light up their costumes and bring them to life.

What ideas will you come up with for next year?

It’s a good idea to start planning early. According to Fujimoto, “We start working on the costumes months ahead of time. The whole family contributes.”

Fluorescent paint, makeup, and other materials can be found in the online Wildfire store, or your local dealer.

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