Introducing The New Series 3 Long Throw UV Black Light Fixtures – The Ultimate In Output, Durability, Controllability, and Flexibility

Published On: June 7, 2015By

The state of the art in UV lighting technology just got even better.

Wildfire’s new Series 3 Long Throws offer even more durability, flexibility, and even output distribution than ever before. In addition to all the pre-existing features that made this product the best in its class, the Long Throw Series 3 now features…

3-In-1 Design for Every Fixture…

Now, every fixture size (150W, 250W, and 400W) features the same uniform design, and the ability to have Spot, Wide Spot, and Flood configurations all in the same fixture.

Each fixture order comes with one reflector (with your choice of Spot, Wide Spot, or Flood), and the other reflectors are available as optional accessories. Changing reflectors is super-easy: simply unhinge the front cover, loosen the thumbscrews around the reflector, and replace it. Takes about a minute.

Upgraded Reflector Technology…

First introduced in the 150W Series 2 Long Throw, every fixture in the Long Throw line now features the latest in reflector technology…

  • The 360° parabolic aluminum reflector is now made of spun aluminum, which gives a more precise and consistent shape, so there is more quality control and less variance between two of the “same” reflector.
  • The entire reflective surface is mechanically peened, which produces a more even light distribution throughout the coverage area, eliminating brighter or darker areas.
  • Each reflector has an ultra-bright Alzac coating for maximum reflectivity, resulting in more output.

Enhanced Thermal Control for Longer Life and Increased Safety…

The Long Throw Series has always been designed to manage heat well. But with the Series 3, it runs cooler than ever—by a whopping 90º Celsius! This translates into longer life and greater safety. Here’s how the Series 3 does it…

  • The front door now features an attractive scalloped design that not only looks great, it reduces weight and provides more surface area for cooling.
  • Cooling channels on the inside of the door direct airflow from the cooling fan over the lens, where heat tends to accumulate. This has the added benefit of extending the life of the lens.
  • The Series 3 now features a dual-lens design: 1) a thermal lens that reduces the amount of heat in the light beam… and 2) the UV filter lens. A thermal barrier separates the two lenses.
  • Both lenses are completely seated in a high temperature silicon gasket, without ever touching metal. This allows the metal of the fixture, as well as the glass lenses to expand and contract, without the risk of breaking. This design also makes it much easier to install new lenses.

Plus, A Few More Design Tweaks…

In addition to the above features, there are also a few more tweaks we made to the design, including…

  • Neutrik PowerCON connectors to make running power easier than ever.
  • Sturdier, more robust hinge assembly for the front door, allowing it to stop securely at an angle.
  • Machined (rather than cast) bale locks, which provide a more secure locking surface.

All these features make an excellent product even better, and we’re sure you’ll agree that no other fixture on the market comes even close.

To find out if the Long Throw Series 3—or perhaps another fixture—is right for your unique application, contact us today.

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