The Black Light Effect On Screen – New Art Film Explores The Subject Of “Conception”

Published On: June 20, 2012By


Where do original ideas come from?

Scientists and mystics alike have pondered the question. Even Hollywood has tackled the subject with the recent blockbuster, Inception. But the answer is still a mystery.

This subject of conception is explored in a new art film, appropriately titled Conception, created by Brad Lawrence, who was featured in this blog one year ago.

As Lawrence explains… “CONCEPTION follows the artist’s creative process through a seemingly endless loop of daydreams—each vision more vivid and surreal than the last…

“Through a mixture of stop-motion animation, film, and minimal CGI, the viewer is transformed into a mannequin and embarks on a journey of transitions between POV [point of view] shots and heightened states of consciousness.”

“The film is void of the linear constraints of time,” Lawrence added, “and instead presents the future as a vision projected in the past over the course of a few minutes.”

The “conception” and filming of Conception took place over the course of a year. It incorporates some cool black light effects using Wildfire products… and, of course, we’re proud to have sponsored the project!

Take a look below…

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